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“Every cake we create is a one-of-a-kind experience — both for us and the people they celebrate.”

We don't just bake cakes.

We create them. We pour our hearts into them. We whip them into sheer perfection. Using luxurious ingredients like Valrhona chocolate, farm-fresh butter and cream, perfectly ripe fruit from local farms, and fragrant spices, our artisans masterfully blend flavors to create tastes and textures that defy description. And that's just the part you don't see.We're equally obsessed with how our creations look. From plotting every polka dot and hand-painted flourish to coaxing each sugar petal into exquisite reality — every our masterpiece is a tribute to more than a decade of our now-famous craftsmanship (not to mention obsession). In fact, with as much care as we put into our cakes, it's a wonder we're able to hand them over when they're finished.